The Good, The Bad and The Mutant

Session 2 - Stampede

After a short rest the PCs were joined by Zii, a Vampire Regenerator who was generally considered the most beautiful thing in the wastes. Pyros had suddenly developed an extremely sensitive nose, and was able to detect some strange vibrations in the ground. They all decided to set off East towards High-rise Hill to find out what had disturbed the creatures.

Upon nearing the ruined buildings at the top of HIgh-rise Hill, there was a rumbling sound and a huge herd of Kangaroos bounded over the crest at directly at the characters. They ran for the safety of a ruined building but were hit a few times by bounding kangaroos. Shockclaw and Umo reached the top of the building and suddenly realised it was home to some nasty aerial creatures – a pair of Yexil and some Blood Birds!

In the ensuing fight three character were knocked out, the building collapsed and Zii’s horse ran off into the wilderness. However, the creatures were defeated and our heroes stopped to assess the damage and look around. As Shockclaw looked through the rubble and found some strange ancient devices, Pyros borrowed Rodney’s binocular and looked to the East, where he could see a large cloud of dust on the horizon. There was a huge machine moving inside the cloud – an ancient behemoth war machine slowly lumbering directly towards them!



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