The Good, The Bad and The Mutant

Session 1 - I am Mutant, Hear me Roar

After much character creation, our heroes were finally ready to meet the world.

While hanging out on a heap of rubble with some lowly mutated animals and humans, the group hear a noise and were suddenly attacked by a group of strange creatures coming from Highrise Hill. There was a short but eventful battle in which Shockclaw threw spears around, Umo fired a grav mortar into the advancing group, and Pyros got kicked around by electric lashes and radiation glares. Rodney stole the show by blowing a creature to smithereens with a plasma gun, then falling into a rad crater to almost no effect thanks to his terrific rad resistance.

Eventually the creatures were all dead, the group surmised that they were Kai Lin – normally reclusive and careful hunters. Why they suddenly attack was still a mystery.

One of the residents gave the PCs some Omega Tech items in thanks for helping defend them.

Each character gets 250 XP from the encounter and use of plot cards. You also have a quest – find out what stirred up the creatures (100 XP)

Session Audio:



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